Our fuel cell stack

A fuel cell works by reacting hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity and water as the only product. If you increase the size of the fuel cell, you can increase the amount of electricity produced. Thus, fuel cells are currently very promising for use in vehicles, public transport and stationary power for homes. It is expected that fuel cells, along with batteries, will form a large part of the energy mix in the coming years and dispelling some of the myths around the dangers of hydrogen, through outreach and engagement with the public, is very important.

Our fuel cell stack is a 3 kW stack and using only hydrogen (and oxygen from the air) can power just about anything that is plugged into it! The fuel cell stack and all the other components that are used for controlling the stack are housed in a clear casing, so visitors can see exactly how the stack would work. Our fuel cell system could be compared to that of a car – for example, the Toyota Mirai (Toyota’s first fuel cell vehicle) will have many of the same parts as our stack, just on a larger scale!