Nick Laessing

Nick Laessing is an artist exploring the interfaces of science, art and environmental issues. His research at UCL focuses on building art installations that utilise electrolysis to decompose water into hydrogen, for use as a renewable energy. The moment he witnessed a burning flame of hydrogen transforming back into only water vapour, he realised the utopian potentials of this non-polluting clean energy!

Working between the Slade School of Art and the Electrochemical Innovation Lab, Nick is developing small-scale, low cost electrolysers to make hydrogen that can be used in various off-grid scenarios such as providing cooking gas and gas to run repurposed car engines. Exhibited as art installations across various public contexts, these devices invite utopian reflection on how we might rethink our relationship with our environment, how we use energy and our reliance on fossil fuels. Nick and members of UCell are currently working on a solar-powered electrolyser that can provide enough hydrogen to run a Fuel Cell for public demonstrations.

Find out more about his work here.