Max Maier


PhD Researcher


Max was a lab experiment gone wrong in the German Alps.  His “father” was trying to build a superhuman for the Olympics and instead created a monster with insatiable hunger and an inability to understand sarcasm.

When not doing office things in the office, or lab things in the lab, Max can be found in a Spanish class, boxing for fitness or grocery shopping but usually just in a pub. Max often writes poetry to express his feelings, but doesn’t allow the rest of the world to see it. Max loves jumpers and skype on Sunday


After completing his undergraduate studies at TU Munich, Max travelled halfway across the world to finish his studies at Melbourne University and McGill University in Montreal. Fascinated by electrochemical devices, Max moved to London to begin a PhD in all things electrolysing at UCL. He specialises in mass transfer inhibitions in PEM electrolyser, using different experimental techniques such as acoustic emission and neutron imaging.