Lara Rasha


Ph.D Researcher


It was during her undergraduate degree in chemical engineering at UCL where Lara decided to leave behind the world of chemical plants for the endless possibilities of alternative and cleaner power sources. Lara dreams of a realistic scenario; cycling through the bustling streets of London without choking black mucus from the toxic fumes emitted from most vehicle engines, but is still holding out for world peace if that falls through. Lara joined the UCell team in 2016, where she has enjoyed seeing the public interact with an emerging technology.

Whilst cracking on with her PhD at the EIL, you will find Lara adoringly watch over her 3D printers in the lab and cursing the CNC machines. In her spare time, Lara mooches around snooker halls, ponders the human psyche and attempts to play below-average jazz.


Lara’s PhD focuses on the thermal and water management of fuel cells, from single cells to automotive stacks. As the operation and imposed environmental conditions are different for a single cell compared to a selected cell in a stack, she hopes to bridge that gap in knowledge by applying the techniques available for single cells to monitor individual cells in stacks and thus advise on structural changes to stack configurations.


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