Jen Hack


Ph.D Researcher


After moving to London from Manchester in search of warmer climate and better weather, Jen started her PhD in the EIL in September 2016. Inspired by the RV1 bus route running from Covent Garden to the Tower of London, which runs only on hydrogen, she decided to pursue her research in the area of fuel cells. Now, she will talk to anyone who will listen about her fascination for the changing energy landscape and the role that hydrogen and fuel cells will have to play in the coming years.

When not in the lab, Jen is generally found back up North at the top of a mountain, with skis on her feet in winter and climbing shoes on her feet in summer.


After graduating with a Chemistry degree, but realising that a career in pharmaceuticals wasn’t for her, Jen decided to become an engineer/materials scientist working in the area of fuel cell characterisation. Now, using a range of electrochemical and 2D/3D imaging techniques, Jen attempts to understand why fuel cells degrade and fail over time and what happens to the material structures when they do. Using X‑ray computed tomography (X-ray CT), a technique that allows her to “see inside” the fuel cells, she correlates the electrochemical performance to the microstructures inside the fuel cell.


Jen Hack

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