Halan Mohamed


PhD Researcher


Born and raised in London, Halan decided to remain (un)faithful to her nomadic Somali roots and study for her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at UCL. Originally intending to study medicine at university, her aspirations were changed for the better after a demonstration involving a pump and her most favourite thing in the world: chocolate. A few years down the line, Halan spends time inspiring the next generation of engineers, only now with fuel cells and not pumping chocolate, and proving to the general public that whatever they studied is nowhere near as cool as engineering. When she is not studying hard, Halan enjoys subjecting her friends to cheesy jokes and complaining about how cold the weather is.


Halan’s research is focused on designing a sustainable and scalable water purification system within the Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering (CfNIE). The aim of this research is to produce synthetic membranes with superior anti-fouling and separation properties inspired by the kidney.



Halan Mohamed