Guanjie He


Senior Lecturer at University of Lincoln


Guanjie has broad range of interests around material research, starting from his crazy ‘killing mice’ (photothermal therapy of tumours) experiments during undergraduate study at Donghua University in China. Then, he wanted to find some mild and friendly ways for changing the world in his PhD study, with a focus on synthesis and materials design for energy storage devices. Guanjie joined the UCell team in 2018, where he has enjoyed showing the public how to play with new and green devices.

After sorting out messy lab issues, Guanjie likes to swim and stay in the Gym for…rest. He is good at Mahjong, especially Xinyang Mahjong, the rules generated from his hometown.


Guanjie’s research focused on materials for energy storage and conversion applications, ranging from supercapacitors, batteries to oxygen/hydrogen evolution catalysts. He hopes to commercialize some of the fancy stuffs and advertise the novel technologies. A more detailed research, please follow