Drasti Patel


PhD Researcher


Drasti joined UCell in 2017 inspired by its ability to communicate science and technology in a fresh and effective way. After completing her Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Drasti decided to join the EIL and pursue a PhD in battery safety characterisation. When not exploding batteries, Drasti is a mildly tortured creative who dabbles in graphic design. She’s fond of cooking, falling under Netflix’s spell, reading/smelling a good book, or can be found just yelling at people. Don’t let her pint-size fool you.


As the demand for lithium ion batteries grows, their safety alongside their performance needs to be improved. Drasti attempts to understand why batteries fail the way they do, by seeing how their microstructure and mechanical design affects their thermal stability. Using a range of techniques including multi-scale X-ray computed tomography and calorimetry, Drasti tries to image, characterise and assess battery safety as they fail in response to extreme conditions such as mechanical, electrical, or thermal abuse.

Contact: drasti.patel.13@ucl.ac.uk