Dan Brett


Professor of Electrochemical Engineering


Dan is an electrochemical engineer specialising in power systems.  He is originally from London and is an avid English rugby fan and expert lager tester.


Dan specialises in electrochemical engineering, including the modelling, testing, design, device fabrication, materials development and techno-economic analysis of energy conversion and storage technologies, including fuel cells, electrolysers and batteries. He has published >200 peer reviewed papers in leading international journals, 7 book chapters, 2 books and holds five patents based on which he is commercialising two new fuel cell technologies. Dan was awarded the De Nora Prize in 2009 for Applied Electrochemistry from International Society of Electrochemistry for his excellent record of research accomplishments in the field of batteries and fuel cells and the 2011 Baker Medal from the Institution of Civil Engineers for published research.  Dan is the UCL Director of the National Centre for Grid Scale Energy Storage and the UCL Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Fuel Cells and their Fuels.

Electrochemical technology: fuel cells, batteries, sensors, hydrogen generation, electrolysers.




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