Pooja Vadhva


Pooja’s research topic is at the forefront of innovation, exploring a new battery technology known as solid state batteries. The liquid electrolyte in a conventional lithium ion battery is replaced for a solid electrolyte to increase energy density, safety and reduce the weight of the battery in an electric vehicle. With Toyota looking to release a solid state car by 2021, and other reputable car companies following suit, an understanding in this area and addressing the challenges at the lab scale is key.

Main research interests:

  • Solid state batteries
  • Lithium sulphur batteries – thin solid electrolyte membrane
  • Modelling lithium ion transport in solid state membranes.

Other activities:

In her spare time Pooja enjoys taekwondo, boxing and hanging out with friends. She is an avid coffee drinker and enjoys exploring new places especially London as she has recently moved here.

Contact: pooja.vadhva.19@ucl.ac.uk