Katrina Mazloomian


PhD Researcher


Katrina was born in Orange County, California and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley. Tired of the perfect weather and constant sunshine of the California coastline, she traded in her Daisy Dukes for a trench coat and umbrella in 2018 when she moved to London to do her Master’s at UCL. She enjoyed the research so much that she decided to sign on to a PhD in the Electrochemical Innovation Lab.


Along with the ongoing struggle to try and understand the British language/culture, Katrina is working on the synthesis of novel nanocomposite materials to increase the energy density of  supercapacitor electrodes. When she’s not in the lab, you can often find her chowing down on some chicken and veg or running away from the deathly London pigeons.

Contact: katrina.mazloomian.18@ucl.ac.uk