Joshua Cruddos


PhD Researcher


Widely know as croutons, Josh was born and bred in Leeds before venturing to Liverpool in search of fame and a Master’s in chemistry. While fame eluded him, he was much better in his degree and also completed a year in industry working for Innospec Ltd on synthesis of surfactants and dyes. After finishing his Master’s, he took the plunge and moved to London initially fulfilling his time by making overpriced cocktails for Londoners. He then attempted a real job but found himself being drawn back to the world of science. When he is not making coin cells, you can find him overindulging at quirky restaurants or running around Hampstead heath. 


After completing his Master’s project working on synthesising pyrene-based hydrogen bonded organic frameworks, Josh Joined the EIL in 2021 in association with the LISTAR group. He is conducting a PhD investigating Anode-Free Lithium Sulfide cells, with a primary focus of improving lithium deposition onto metallic surfaces. Josh’s research aims to improve the formation and deformation of in situ solid electrolyte interfaces (SEI) which in turn will lead to more uniform lithium plating and a reduction in dendrite formation.