Hamish Reid


PhD Researcher


Hamish grew up and went to school in Rutland, before moving to bright lights of Sheffield to complete a Master’s degree in Chemistry. He enjoyed Sheffield so much he stuck around for a few years to work at sodium-ion technology developer Faradion. Tired of having a real job, Hamish headed south to join the EIL in 2019. After a long day of poking batteries with nails, Hamish can be found chasing after his pack of dogs, training for Great British Bake off, or talking about industry.


Hamish’s current research is based around investigating how degradation of high-nickel cathode materials in Li-ion batteries affects the safety behaviour. Employing a combination of electrochemical techniques, X-ray characterisation and abuse testing, Hamish studies both material ageing and failure at multiple length scales with a view to develop safer battery components in the future. The work is supervised by Prof. Paul Shearing in collaboration with Johnson Matthey.

Contact: Hamish.reid.19@ucl.ac.uk