Manchester Science Festival October 2018

We’re proud to announce we’ll be attending the Manchester Science Festival for their family weekend from the 20th-21st October 2018! The theme of the weekend is “Electricity”, so our fuel cell and hydrogen work will fit in perfectly with this. We’ve got some exciting events in the pipeline for the event, so watch this space for more news as it’s planned. You can find out more about MCR Science Festival here.

It’s All Academic Festival 2018

Saturday 15 September 2018

Quiz leading academics and get hands-on with some of UCL’s most exciting research at It’s All Academic – a free festival for all ages and interests with talks, tours, workshops, pop-up events and interactive experiences through the day.

UCell was part of the second “It’s All Academic” festival at UCL, where thousands of visitors came to UCL to learn all about the exciting research going on at the university. UCell powered a host of electronics, as well as giving talks and demonstrations about fuel cells and the research done in the EIL.

Greenman Festival 2018: 16-19th August

Another great year for UCell at Greenman Festival in the Brecon Beacons! We absolutely love coming back year after year, with this year being especially special for the 10th Anniversary of the Einstein’s Garden. Read more from our blog…

UCell@The Calthorpe Project: 30th June

We spent a day giving a workshop about electrochemical engineering, fuel cells, electrolysers and hydrogen at The Calthorpe Project at the end of June. The weather was hot and sunny, which meant we could demonstrate perfectly how renewable energy, like solar, can be used to produce green hydrogen. Over 40 people came to what was a very successful event. Find out more here…

INWED 2018: 23rd June

INWED (or International Women in Engineering Day) takes place on the 23rd June and this year UCL Engineering have a whole week of events happening from the 18th – 22nd June. UCell helped out on the “flagship” event, where 114 girls aged 16-18 came to UCL to be inspired about studying STEM subjects at university. Read more about the event over at the blog…

UCell@UCL Wellbeing: 17th May

As part of the UCL Wellbeing week, we used the fuel cell stack to power a smoothie machine, to help stressed students relax and enjoy the sun! We also took out the demo kits to show how electrolysers and fuel cells work. Because it was such a sunny day, we even managed to do the electrolysis (splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity) powered by mini solar panels! Over 40 smoothies were dished out in the lunchtime rush. More pictures and info over on the blog…

A sunny day on the Wilkin’s Terrace

Hill House Junior School Visit – Part 2! : 19th April

The second part of a two-day workshop took place in April, where UCell joined the UCL Faculty of Engineering, led by Professor Paola Lettieri and her team, to educate year 4 pupils from Hill House International Junior School about the shift in engineering roles available to the new technological generations.

UCell led the demonstrations for the classic (but yet still dearly loved) fuel cell demo vehicles that the young children particularly enjoyed racing! Along side this, they were taught the basic chemistry of a fuel cell including the gas reactions involved.

Alongside this was a workshop for 3D printers, where the students watched the live prints of puzzle toys on the Ultimaker 3 Extended (which they took back to the class with them!) and learnt about the different materials and objects that can be printed now and possibly in the future. The students were especially upset about the long waiting times for the toys, so hopefully they will be encouraged in the future to work on this technology when they go to build bridges and houses!

Masters level stack demonstration: 19th February

The stack saw its first action of the year, with the demonstration of the stack and lecture to the 4th Year Engineering masters students. First, we gave a lecture about how the stack works and what is involved in the system and operation of the stack. After this, we all headed out to the main quad to show off the stack in action, by powering a thermal camera! The students were really engaged and interested and said it really helped to see the stack working – no doubt it will help with their revision!

UCell member Jen showing the masters students how the stack works

Hill House Junior School Visit – Part 1: 23rd February

In February, as part of an open-day event for primary school students from Hill House Junior School to come and experience lab-based work at UCL. UCell hosted two demonstrations of the fuel cell demo cars and a 3D printing workshop. The event was a great success and the students were thoroughly excited about research work at the university level.

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