Elutech Visit

Our ongoing partnership with Elutec Technical College, a secondary school specialized in engineering activities in east london, sees UCell assist in open days for prospective students. In November, UCell members Drasti and Jen took a collection of demo kits of fuel cell vehicles and small solar panels that the children and parents can play around with. Further to this, we provided a basic overview of fuel cell systems, how they have been implemented in existing vehicles and buses and the future prospects of the technology. This allows students to see the range of career opportunities available in the alternative energy sector.

Collaboration with The Royal Institution

Attending a Royal Institution family day, where families come to learn about all walks of science. We were a part of educating families about hydrogen, the potential that fuel cells hold in applications and showing them demo kits. Also, we were involved in demonstrations for the Christmas lecture given by Saiful Islam, in which he talked about “Fuelling the Future”, which included a display of how fuel cells could aid the changing energy landscape.

Brainchild Festival

Another year, another festival! Brainchild was created by fellow UCL students and is a volunteer-led, sustainability-focused arts and music festival. In July, UCell collaborated with PPL PWR, a sustainability collective who are passionate about spreading the word of anything sustainable, in a big area at Brainchild focusing entirely on sustainable technology and innovation. UCell’s part in this collaboration involved taking the stack to power a cinema tent, as well as using the demo kits to show attendees how fuel cells work. Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties, we couldn’t run the stack or power the cinema, but it didn’t stop us displaying the stack in all its finery and people were still incredibly interested.

As well as the fuel cells, PPL PWR were giving talks about sustainability and alternative power sources to festival goers and attendees could also drink a cup of “solar tea” with water heated in solar tubes using the sun’s rays. Thankfully, we were blessed with blistering sunshine the whole weekend, which definitely helped keep spirits high and the solar-tea warm!

Greenman Festival

In August, we visited the rainy hills of the Brecon Beacons once more to power stages and tell the festival goers all about hydrogen fuel cells and how they can benefit us in the future! Spirits were high despite the weather (which is sad, considering Brainchild had been so glorious!) and the public were once more incredibly interested and intrigued to find out more about fuel cells and hydrogen!

Women in Engineering Day

A yearly celebration of Women in Engineering taking place in June, UCell attended the London Transport Museum, to share their enthusiasm for engineering with other engineers attending the event. The event included demonstrations of the fuel cell demo-kits and chatting with attendees about the future of hydrogen and fuel cells in the UK and further afield, as well as what it means for engineers.

UCL Open Day

In June, the engineering department at UCL opens its doors to prospective undergraduate students. UCell assist on these open days by featuring the demo-kits and other educational activities to display the range of different topics available to study in UCL and the options of different career choices associated with engineers. See the fuel cell demo kit in action here!

UCL Hydrogen Festival

September saw the first ever UCL Hydrogen Festival take place. Bringing together people from companies, green UCL and, of course, the fuel cell stack, this one day event saw visitors treated to a wealth of information about hydrogen and how it will be used in the coming years! We even were lucky enough to get a Toyota Mirai on display in the Main Quad of UCL (though sadly no test drives – maybe next year?). The event was a huge succes and we look forward to organising it again in the future!