Following the successful collaboration at Bury St Edmunds’ Science Festival. EWB and UCell took to East London to introduce a group of 11 to 14 year olds to engineering. The event took place as part of a STEM week held by the Bow branch of IntoUniversity, a charity dedicated to inspiring young people to achieve their full potential. Following a presentation of all things exciting in engineering, the workshops were conducted. The students were introduced to hydrogen fuel cells throughout the building and racing of the fuel cell demo kits. In the straw bridge building exercise EWB’s Rebecca taught the children how to build trusses with their straws resulting in impressive structures! To complete the session, the students learnt how to build their own phone chargers whilst drinking a refreshing smoothie they blended themselves on the blender bike.

Max Fordham Guest Lecture

On the morning of Thursday the 28th of January, Anna, Rema, and Chloe from UCell went to Max Fordham – an environmental engineering practice – in Camden to give a presentation which focused on hydrogen as a renewable energy source, hydrogen fuel cells and the public engagement activities which UCell are involved in. Overall, the event was a success resulting in a number of intrigued people with the possibility of future collaborations.

Greenman Festival

Stationed in the Einstein’s garden, a hub for children, adults and the usual festival-goers alike to learn about the different branches of science, UCell has been providing power mostly for the Omni-tent which hosts science-comedy shows throughout the duration of the festival. In the evening, hack-a-thon events were powered by the UCell stack. Simultaneously, demo-kits are used for public engagements throughout the day, with the UCell volunteers discussing topics such as sustainability, a future hydrogen economy and wind and solar power.