2013 and before

Greenman Festival 2013

Green Man 2013 saw UCell powering both the omni tent and the workshop dome with full automation from a pair of Arduinos and a Raspberry Pi. The interest and excitement in fuel cell technology was even greater this year with many ideas for future projects generated.

Greenman Festival 2012

2012’s Green Man saw Einstein’s Garden hosting the Energy Factory funded by Research Councils UK, where people could engage in activities and learn about many types of energy such as wind, solar, nuclear and fuel cells. The UCell team constructed a fuel cell obstacle course that imitated the journey hydrogen takes through the fuel cell; pumping up a balloon to generate hydrogen, breaking a bond and travelling through an elastic maze where they reacted with oxygen (a space hopper) and produced water (got soaked with water pistols).

Greenman Festival 2011

In 2011, the fuel cell made its inaugural appearance alongside Ralph and Leon at Einstein’s Garden, with hydrogen provided by BOC.  The fuel cell was bolted to the floor of a garden shed backstage of the Omni-tent and was hybridised with 2 lead acid batteries. Control was 100% manual and was not on public display. Instead, a short video was shown at the start of each performance to inform the audience of how the performance was being powered.