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Science Summer School – St Paul’s Way Trust School

After a long year of online outreach, this July saw the return of UCell’s first in-person teaching to junior scientists in Years 5, 7 and 8 at St. Paul’s Way Trust School. The Science Summer School gave students the opportunity to discuss the importance of sustainable energy and electrochemical energy storage systems such as fuel cells and batteries, and allowed us to show them how we characterise these systems at our labs in UCL.

This included multiple hands-on demonstrations to allow the students to get involved with the teaching and get first hand experience of how these systems really work. These included observing fuel cell materials through our optical microscope, heat mapping objects using our various thermal cameras, fruit- and hand-batteries to demonstrate the flow of current through electrical circuits and the students favourite: our miniature electrolyser and fuel cell cars that demonstrate the power of hydrogen from splitting water.

It was our great pleasure to show the students what UCell members do and the research we perform at UCL. We hope to continue to work with this school in the future and carry on inspiring the next generation of scientists!