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Sandringham School Visit

This March saw four of UCell’s finest journey up to Sandringham school in the Mirai to educate the next generation of scientists during science week. Throughout the day GCSE and A-Level students swapped out their regular science lessons for short interactive lectures in the school theatre. We discussed the importance of electrochemical energy systems in the de-carbonisation of the future, and explained the working mechanisms of these devices. Further to our usual topics we also shared our experience and views on university degrees for those soon to be applying and interested in a career in science and research.

We also had various hands-on learning opportunities for the students, such as fuel cell materials through the microscope, and miniature electrolyser and fuel cell cars for the students to see first-hand how the hydrogen locked in water can power vehicles. A favourite of the students, and teachers, was to get up and close with the Toyota Mirai, where they could see the internal workings of systems that they had only before seen in textbooks! It was a great pleasure to demonstrate the work of UCell and our research applications, as well as participating in discussions with the creative minds of young scientists. We hope to follow up this fruitful day with more school visits and demonstrations in the future!

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