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Institute of Making Open Day

Described as an ‘extravaganza of materials and making around the theme of GASES’, the Institute of Making hosted a fabulous ‘one-day, large-scale, drop-in and totally free festival’ on Saturday 26 October 2019.

Harry getting the stack in place, ready to connect to the gases, early in the morning.

We were invited along to set up a stall and power a Coffee Van with our fuel cell stack. It was a great day with a very large turnout of eager learners. This was especially impressive as true to British weather- it was raining very heavily most of the day!

The weather didn’t stop all the lovely visitors from coming to our stall to learn about greener energy options.
It was a very busy day with lots of interest from both children and adults.

The festival had everything from ‘farty foods’ to a working Victorian steam engine- truly appreciating gases in all its forms. We had a great time, talked to so many children and adults alike and had some great feedback too!

The UCell Team at the Institute of Materials Festival.

Written by Zahra Rana.

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