Batteries Electrolysers Fuel cells Hydrogen Outreach

UCell @ British Science Festival 2019

In September UCELL attended the British Science Festival 2019 in Warwick, Europe’s longest standing science festival. The festival facilitates the connection between the public and scientists, engineers and technologists. Many enthusiastic visitors came by the UCELL stand to take thermal selfies and learn about hydrogen energy.

We also demonstrated the use of solar energy to create green hydrogen through electrolysis, which was then used to power our demo fuel cell cars. This never fails to surprise our visitors, from little children and students learning about fuel cells for their GCSE exams to people active in the energy sector. It was a great pleasure showcasing UCELL and some applications of our research while raising public awareness for a greener energy system. We very much hope to come back for British Science Festival 2020!

By Robert Mather & Ami Shah

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