Batteries Electrolysers Fuel cells Hydrogen Outreach

UCell@EEPS Lecture

Every year UCell puts on a two hour lecture and demonstration as part of the Electrochemical Engineering and Power Sources lecture course, coordinated by Prof. Paul Shearing. On a rainy day in February (we’ve never had good luck with the weather for this event!), three of us, Guanjie, James and Jen, kicked off the event with a lecture – giving the fourth year students a whistle-stop tour of electrochemical energy concepts, from fuel cells to electrolysers to batteries, as well as discussing some of the great work UCell do!

Once the lecture was done, all of the students headed out into the Quad for a demonstration of the fuel cell stack – which was powering a 3D printer. We also brought the Toyota Mirai round to show off to the students. It was a really nice demonstration of the various applications of fuel cells and batteries! The students were asking plenty of questions and, apart from the rain, the event was a great success! We look forward to next year.


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